Jeremy Hammond vs. the State


I concocted this bit of agitprop after reading an important op-ed detailing the US gov’s troubling War on Reality. The article contextualizes this proposal outlining the very naughty tactics of Team Themis, a consortium of information security firms enlisted by the government at arm’s length. Further details on the Hammond debacle here.

Click on image for larger version.

Steal it & spread the word.

RIP Aaron Swartz.

I'm a historian, curator, teacher and designer living in Ottawa. In 2003 I completed a Harvard doctoral dissertation on the 18thC origins of the catalogue raisonné. Then I taught at Stanford University in California from 2003 to 2005. For the next six years I was Curator of European & American Art at the National Gallery of Canada. These days I'm involved in a variety of research, teaching, advocacy and design projects. For more information visit my web sites, including my personal blog ( which includes links to my writing, speaking, teaching and curating work; Design Incubator ( featuring work produced by students in my recent design class at Carleton University; and Slow Ottawa (, a guide to sustainable living in Canada's capital.

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About Me

I'm a historian, curator, designer and sustainability advocate living car-free in Ottawa. After completing a doctoral dissertation (Harvard '03) on the 18thC origins of the catalogue raisonné I pursued a postdoc at Stanford University. For six years I was Curator of European & American Art at the National Gallery of Canada. My more creative work since the 2011 abolition of that position includes McLuhan scholarship ( teaching design at Carleton University (; running a website called Slow Ottawa ( / @slowottawa); and operating / @smallmuseumsca, offering goods & services to Canada's small museums and heritage sites. If you like the design (including a responsive website and some pretty fancy product packaging) let's talk. I always need work and would love to do more of that.

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