Heading into the new year my web activity is all happening elsewhere.

Audiocasts (over at Slow Ottawa)

Audiocast #4: Living Lightly with David Chernushenko.  A talk with Ottawa city councilor David Chernushenko, a tireless local advocate for living lightly and  active transport.

Audiocast #3: Coming Home to Centretown. Graham Larkin chats for an hour with Elspeth McKay, Executive Director of the Operation Come Home youth centre in Ottawa.

Audiocast #2: Walking with Dan Rubinstein. Graham Larkin chats for an hour with award-winning journalist Dan Rubinstein about his Born to Walk project.

 Audiocast #1: The Future Isn’t what it Used to Be.  A six-minute teaser recorded on a bad microphone.

Adventures in Multimodal Design 2.0

And another season of the Adventures in Multimodal Design graduate seminar is underway at the Carleton University architecture school. This year, instead of Blogger & Google Drive we’ll be using a private group blog based on the elegant Twenty Twelve theme from WordPress.com, which you can glimpse below but not get onto. After they’re completed (in April) the student projects will all be posted, likely over at Design Incubator. We’ll also be using the trusty AMD Pinterest board to which I have been posting multimodal (text/image/data) designs for almost a year now. (I’ve also posted a couple hundred items over  on the Slow Ottawa Pinterest board.) Most students in a class of 16 (so far) have never blogged before and I’ve never group blogged, so it should be fun. Also we’ll be choosing projects sooner, and aiming to do pro bono communications work for local non-profits, which at the very least should allow students to add some community service work to their CVs.

Stay tuned!


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I'm a historian, curator, teacher and designer living in Ottawa. In 2003 I completed a Harvard doctoral dissertation on the 18thC origins of the catalogue raisonné. Then I taught at Stanford University in California from 2003 to 2005. For the next six years I was Curator of European & American Art at the National Gallery of Canada. These days I'm involved in a variety of research, teaching, advocacy and design projects. For more information visit my web sites, including my personal blog (grahamlarkin.info) that will take you to my other sites including Design Incubator (designincubator.info), Slow Ottawa (slowottawa.ca), Vision Zero Canada (visionzero.ca) and Love 30 Canada (love30.ca).

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