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It’s Complicated

These days when people people ask me what I’ve been up to, the answers can get quite convoluted. So in the absence of a FaceBook account here’s a sampling of some recent projects, and just enough back story to make

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Video: My Berlin talk on McLuhan’s Media Practice

Over on YouTube (scroll down for link menu) I’ve just posted a VHS-quality vid of myself standing up in Berlin on a Friday afternoon in late November 2011. It’s the only visible evidence of a few such talks that I gave in

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A Brief Note on the Origins of my Big Brother Matthew, who turns 50 today

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You Had To Be There

I arrived at the Pressed Cafe in Ottawa as the summer sun descended at the far end of Gladstone St. As I neared my destination so did a compact, long-haired man pulling a silver rolling suitcase. Emerging out of a

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The Chequered Truth* About Canadian Identity

Historian James Opp just tweeted a link to this romp through Air Canada uniforms of yore. Click on the small multiple for a warts-and-all exposé. *Take it with a grain of salt, and judge not a retired stewardess lest ye be

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Planning Toronto in 1915

In preparation for my impending visit to the big city I’m posting some good, bad and ugly maps and data graphics–many of them far too colourful–from volume 2 of the Report to the Civic Transportation Committee on Radial Railway Entrances and

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